About me

I’m Dutch and French and grew up in Tanzania and the Netherlands. Intercultural communication, visual storytelling and education are my three main fields of interest.

I am convinced that we can make everything so much more interesting and create stronger connections if we tell or show the story behind things, people, projects and ideas.

Whether it was teaching small children in Ethiopia, teaching yoga, writing life stories of Turkish and Moroccan women, or making small films about international development projects, I think everything I have done so far has been guided by this conviction.

10 Comments on “About me”

  1. Hi Liesbeth,
    I am deeply impressed …
    This week I had the intention to congratulate you when I read that you are a yoga teacher…do you remember the lessons we took together in the Hague years ago?…so congrats!
    And the story telling: a wonderful initiative!
    Moreover the website…really beautiful and very informative!
    Wish you a lot of success
    Warm regards,



  2. Hi Elisabeth, congratulations for this beautiful presentation of your work. Your parents have received this week my book ” Mijn Verhaal, de rode draad in 60 jaar”. A book only for my children, family and friends. I like to give you also my story and I will left a copy for you and Ewan at their home, the next time I will seen them. Warm regards, Gerard Vennegoor


  3. I and will warmly recommend businesses to work with you. You are a unique cultural exception and I am positive that you will make the best out of your personal/professional experience to deliver outstanding output. All the best to you.

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