Why digital stories?

What is a digital story?

A digital story is a short story that can combine movie clips, photographs,  audio and text.

Why do you need digital stories?

Make people listen

Use digital stories in order to create human connection and emotional resonance. Data satisfies our brains but stories touch our hearts. The best way to make people listen is to tell them a story they can relate to.

Make people understand

(Digital) stories (and not boring Powerpoint presentations) are a good way to represent complex ideas and messages in a short, attractive and simple way. They are  for example a good medium to make research findings accessible and understandable to a broader public.

Make people take action

A good digital story that triggers attention and emotions can convince people to take action and engage them as active participants for your cause. All you need to do is to demonstrate the impact of your work and show your public how their contribution would help the cause you are working for.  Tell the world why your work is so important.

Show the world who you are

(Digital) stories are a good way to make your organization known to the world and explain what you are standing for. Because stories touch our hearts, telling people a story will help them identify with you and with your organization.

Learn from experiences

Stories can also be used as perspectives to learn, train and improve. Learn from experiences from the past by telling your story and listening to the stories of colleagues, donors and other key audiences.  You can also use digital stories as a training method. For example to raise awareness concerning hygiene or to explain to farmers what are the benefits of different fodder types for their cows. Just saying…

Spread your stories

Online, at events or on paper, digital stories are a good way to reach all kinds of audiences in all kinds of circumstances.

2 Comments on “Why digital stories?”

  1. Dear Elisabeth,
    I enjoy going through your website, the movies you made are really nice and clear!
    We are very lucky to have you here in Ethiopia and I will for sure send your website to others.
    Looking forward working with you and having lots of coffee.
    Warm regards


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