Two-Wheel tractors & Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Intensification in Ethiopia

Revitalizing small-scale agriculture in Zimbabwe Photo-book that explains how 2-wheel tractors can assist Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector in dealing with the growing demands.

Powering Smallholder agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa. Photo-book that depicts the way in which 2-wheel tractors can help increase the power of farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Producing digital stories and photo films: How to make stories with photos and audio recordings Guide I made for the International Livestock Research Institute in order to make it possible for the employees of the organization to make digital stories on their own.

CREPA is listening to you; Testimonies about 20 Years of Actions  Throughout the speeches of professionals from the field of water and sanitation, representatives of donors, partners and particularly beneficiaries, you will make a voyage in the pass, the present and the future of CREPA. You will travel to many African countries. You will be taken through times and cultures, and the mission, vision and action of CREPA will be your logbook.

Spiegels in de tijd Successful publication with life stories of third generation Turkish and Moroccan girls in the Netherlands.

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